August 2023 - December 2023

Barge extension work:
  • soldered feeders to all rail pieces, joined/added connector
  • added all remaining details
  • filled gaps with baking soda/ACC
  • spray painted primer brown
Related Track work:
  • installed wye ties and wye, with PC board ties for alignment
  • cut/fit straight section over uncoupler
  • drilled holes for track wires, fed them through

Panel work, to allow the barge extension turnouts to be controlled from "internal" and "external" locations:

  • cut/marked two switch panels, two uncoupler panels, and a UP5 panel
  • mounted switches/LEDs in switch panels, added terminal strips, wired
  • connected the two panels with CAT3 cable, mounted to layout, tested all good
  • wired turnouts 1 and 2; control and frog polarity control
  • drilled out/added "external" UP5, connected to Loconet

Arduino Electro-magnetic Uncoupler Controller work:

  • installed development environment on newer DELL3910 computer
  • updated the control program to control two uncouplers
  • modified original circuit, built new circuit, tested
  • Updated two Kadee 307 uncouplers to 309 for better delayed action
    (barge extension and north main outside track)

Barge extension Sea walls:

  • cut foam core backer, sprayed black
  • added vertical slats, horizontal beams, and poles, all stained with India ink wash

Float Ramp work:

  • painted the bridge, assembled, weathered
  • weathered the dock, added pins to retain the locking bars
  • Painted the rails up to the dock extension and the rails to the dock
  • installed the bridge on the float ramp, hooked up light wiring

More Barge Extension work:

  • painted "water", added two layers of Mod Podge
  • painted two panels of backdrop, installed over the room window
  • lubed the ramp turnout assembly
  • added barge alignment cleats
  • weathered the barge
  • updated switch panel legends with color and barge tracks
  • ballasted barge tracks on the main layout

Brewery Build:

  • painted "brewery" flat
  • made back panel, floor
  • searched/editted/printed interior views
  • built and installed LED lighting
  • cut, stained, built loading dock
  • added interior figures
  • built / primed / painted SS Ltd. rooftop water tank
  • added "Old Frothingslosh" signage
  • installed on base, added ground cover


  • ballasted more east yard track, north yard feed
  • added Blair Line wood crossing to the outside and inside north uncoupling ramps
  • built and installed five north main line dwarf signals
  • built fencing for east yard, installed

    Railfan Photo

    November 2023