November 2022 - July 2023

  • built the G&D section house for Randy Decker, got it evaluated for AP points
  • finished the yard tracks with bumpers, ballast, and ground goop
  • added ground cover to the east branch line, installed enhanced "Chinese" trees, foliage, and ground cover, "scenicked" the branch line trestle area
  • made the additional removable tunnel-access scenery modules
    • added resin walls, foam backers, added and painted rock castings and Sculptamold
    • finished the NE tunnel portal section with rock castings, Sculptamold, ground goop, and a base paint coat
    • finished the NE removable hillside, with castings and a wood retaining wall
  • Aerotrain work:
    • drilled out loco headlights, built fiber-optics and LED array, tested with the TCS four-function decoder
    • added a 3-D printed interior to the observation car, painted and added figures
    • added tail lights, wheel wipers, and a spare Bachmann DCC decoder to run the tail lights
  • worked up two more MDC G&D ore cars, #94 and 95
  • "Barge extension" work:
    • built the "box", added foam and sandply
    • built a #6 turnout and a #4 wye
    • built the apron, installed code 83 rail
    • built the barge, installed code 83 rail
    • cut in the #6 turnout and barge feed track on the main layout
    • laid the wharf extension track
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    January 2023
    January 2023