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New Additions (not on web site)


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Page 258

Page 259

Page 260

Page 261

Page 262

British magazine Railway Modeller “Railroad of the Month” article, includes the cover and a nice hand-drawn (by JA) track plan. I believe all the photos have been previously published…


March 1952 Trackside Photo DG&H #3

Description of DG&H #3.


2008 “.exe” file

2010 “.wmv” file

Peter Prunka’s Christmas-themed slide shows, created for the G&D Reminiscence Project. Thanks, Peter!!

Please download the wmv, don’t stream from the site.


Various items from The Marker Lamp, the official publication of the NMRA Lone Star Region.


Contest Rules

Contest Results

Pike Ads


These are items from three issues.

Q3 1966: The first has a cover shot of G&D #25 and a G&D boxcar on a layout that is NOT the G&D, and inside a contest is announced to identify the layout.

Q4 1966: The next is a results of the contest; it is Cliff Robinson’s Marquette Union Terminal.

Q2 1967: The last is a page of “Pike Ads” that could be run for a donation of $2 a year. The MUT, the ALP, and the G&D are listed, as well as the Pecan Valley RR, of which a box car shows up in G&D photos from time to time.




The pictures in the following “greenish” rows are from magazines provided by Keith Trinity; they were John Allen’s personal copies. Each of his photos is marked with a small cut piece of loose-leaf paper. These 1947 issues, along with all the 1948 issues were bound in a binder. There is smoke damage on the edges and on some of the covers, but they nevertheless yielded these gems. In most cases, better quality pictures are available on (and are indicated), but the captions add much information that was previously not known.



Aug. 1947 The Model Craftsman

A photo of the dockside at Gorre station, looks like “gorre1.jpg” from the website.



Sept. 1947 The Model Craftsman

Two photos from the “Your Nabor’s Pike” feature, showing G&D #1 under construction and the wood truss bridge standing alone (“earlyevening.jpg” and “trussbridge1.jpg” from the website). The caption says the bridge is from Southern Pacific plans.



Nov. 1947 The Model Craftsman

This is a cropped version of a picture that appears in the 1952 Model Railroad Handbook.


Cover photo







Dec. 1947 The Model Craftsman

The cover is a cropped and re-arranged version of the picture (same one from from the 1952 Model Railroad Handbook). Oddly, it was originally one picture, but was cut/cropped and inverted top-to-bottom…odd.

The other photo, from Your Nabor’s Pike, is the same as “generator.jpg” from The “generator”, according to the caption, is on its way to Oakridge, Tennessee.


Blurb 1

Blurb 2

From the Sept. 1954 RMC

Two column blurbs about the demise of G&D #2 and JA moving.


Q & A

From the June 1956 RMC

An unflattering Q & A about the naming of the G&D.



From the July 1966 MR

A Linn Westcott editorial regarding Jim Findley and John Allen using photography to improve their model work.





Cover photo

Varney Ad

Sept. 1952 Model Railroader:

Cover photo by Glen Bier

Varney Ad on rear cover, now at 600 DPI



Dec. 1956 Model Railroader

A letter to the editor, with editor’s note, describing a car exchange with Bill Livingston.


Varney Ad

June 1959 Model Railroader
Varney Ad – same photo as Dec. 1957, but with different copy that doesn’t obscure the photo as much and at 600 DPI.



March 1954 Railroad Model Craftsman:

The Engine Terminal area on G&D #2, color at 600 DPI. Nice!



June 1954 Railroad Model Craftsman:

Diorama photo from an article “Period Pikes”, a cropped version of “enginehousebright” from



Landmark Layouts 2012 Calendar

The red pacific (#56) at Drains – very nice, 600 DPI






Aug. 1980 NMRA Bulletin

John Allen created figures on Whit Towers’ Alturas and Lone Pine RR.



Nov. 1977 NMRA Bulletin

Announcement of Jerry Drake’s clinic #780-36, “John Allen’s Gorre & Daphetid RR”


Item 1

Letter to the editor

March 1973 NMRA Bulletin

Announcement of the destruction of the G&D and John’s final letter to the editor regarding the directory coding topic.



Feb. 1973 NMRA Bulletin

A letter describing a postal discussion over a proposed NMRA layout coding system between the author and John Allen.



Dec. 1972 NMRA Bulletin

A description of a new John Allen clinic, 780-20, “Optimum Use of Space”.


Item 1

Stamp only at 600 DPI

Sep. 1972 NMRA Bulletin

A blurb about John Allen’s “postage stamp”.





Cover Photo

1st page

2nd page

3rd page

Nov. 1971 NMRA Bulletin:

Cover photo and article “How Large is a Model RR Layout?”


item 1

item 2

item 3


Feb. 1971 NMRA Bulletin:

A photo of G&D operator and Yahoo Group historian Glenn Joesten’s scratchbuilt O-scale 4-8-4.

May 1971 NMRA Bulletin:

Another of Glenn’s locos.

August 1971 NMRA Bulletin:

Glenn’s Decapod.


Photo of Heisler #6


How Fast Did the Heisler Go?

A cartoon by Milt Moore about the Heisler

March, July and Dec. 1970 and March 1971 NMRA Bulletins:

A “Pike Pix” panned-motion photo of G&D #6.

Letters calculating the speed of JA’s Heisler from the March 1970 Bulletin.

John’s answer and explanation, now at 600 DPI resolution.

A cartoon by Milt Moore regarding the Heisler photo.


Clinic Description

Humorous Article

Feb. 1969 NMRA Bulletin:

An announcement and description of John’s slide clinic “Scenery and Layout Photography”, and a humorous article by Jim Trott about “meeting” John Allen at an NMRA event.



Cover description

1st page

2nd page

3rd page

March 1948 Model Railways News (from England):

Cover and article “The Gorre and Daphetid Railroad”. This is very similar to the Jan. 1948 Model Railroader article, but some of the pictures are different.



Oct. 1982 RMC Collectors Consist column:

Re-print of a photo from the Feb. 1948 Model Builder magazine. Refers to the plans for the G&D water tank as from the April 1946 Model Builder.

Note that this is a cropped version of "nicedetail.jpg” from (in the “structures” gallery).



July 2011 RMC:

Ad for the re-release of “Model Railroading with John Allen”





Sept. 1961 NMRA Bulletin:

John Allen listed as an NMRA "Double Booster"



Nov. 1961 NMRA Bulletin:

John Allen Letter to the editor, regarding conformance given to kits without trucks and couplers



Feb. 1962 NMRA Bulletin:

mention of John Allen slides used in a scenery clinic given at the 1961 convention, now available for rent


Discussion on operations

Wins Freight Car Model Contest

Sept. 1962 NMRA Bulletin:

John Allen participation in NMRA 1962 Montreal Convention



Apr. 1965 NMRA Bulletin:

John Allen letter to the editor regarding standards



Nov. 1965 NMRA Bulletin:

John Allen friend & client Gordon Varney obituary


Whit Towers

Cliff Robinson

May 1968 NMRA Bulletin:

JA friends Whit Towers and Cliff Robinson run for NMRA offices.


Picture at 600 DPI

June 1968 NMRA Bulletin:

1968 Convention Car at French Gulch, with loco #40


Picture at 600 DPI

July 1968 NMRA Bulletin:

1968 Convention Car at Gorre

Notice the mis-spelling of Dephetid (sic.).


Cover (600 DPI)

JA friend George Hook receives Award

Sept. 1968 NMRA Bulletin:

Cover Photo - #25 and #13 at Sims Loop and NMRA Awards

Notice Emma under the masthead…


1st page of article

2nd page of article

Cartoon 1 at 600 DPI

Cartoon 2 at 600 DPI

Oct. 1968 NMRA Bulletin:

Convention Article by Jim Findley with stories/cartoons of John Allen

In Jim’s normal humorous style, Includes the story of the luggage mix-up. Cartoons by Jim Trott (of “Pinheads” fame).


Cover (600 DPI)

Nov. 1968 NMRA Bulletin:

Cover photo of the roundhouse

Lots of details visible for you engine builders.




Two-Level Station
page 72
page 73
page 74
page 75
page 76
page 77
page 78
page 79
page 80
page 81

From the 1978 book “Scratchbuilding & Kitbashing Model Railroad Stations”, this is a re-print of the Jim Findley article from the May 1968 Model Railroader.


Photo credit Blurb
TSP caption
TSP photo (600 DPI)

From the January 1959 Model Railroader, a blurb about JA, who took the photos for an article “MR Visits the Arizona, Nevada, and West Pacific” and a beautiful trackside photo of Scalp Mountain:

Model scenery that dwarfs the railroad it surrounds is most authentic because that is just what full-size scenery does to prototype railroads. Here on the HO Gorre & Daphetid RR. of John Allen, Monterey, Calif., just such an effect has been created by extended canyon walls all the way down to the floor. High up on the side of the mountain, a hulking 4-10-0 leads a drag freight Out of a short tunnel onto a series of bridges built across chasms deep enough to challenge even the most experienced bridge engineer. Out of deference to the curve and bridges, engineers on the G&D have to hold tight rein on their trains as they pass this point.


Track Gang:
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page 2 of 2
page 1 of 4
page 2 of 4
page 3 of 4
page 4 of 4

A “featurette” and article “Bridges on the Gorre and Daphetid” from the February 1959 issue of Model Railroader. B+W, 600DPI.



Athearn streamlined passenger car ad, from the August 1960 Model Railroader. I believe these to be the ones JA used for his mandarin red passenger train.


Article (partial)
FSM ad

From the May 1967 Model Railroader, an article in which JA’s friend Bill McClanahan gives JA credit as being the first he saw use cast rocks,
Also, the FSM ad for the original G&D water tank kit.


page 1 of 2
page 2 of 2

From a June 1967 Model Railroader, a humorous Jim Findley “Letters from Jim” column that mentions JA.


Cover (600 DPI)

Cover Caption

Eagle’s Nest:

Page 1 of 2

Page 2 of 2

From the August 1967 Model Railroader, a beautiful cover shot of the Great Divide roundhouse and the article “45 Minutes at Eagle’s Nest”. The cover caption:

ON THE COVER... Engines are often serviced in the open air at Great Divide on John Allen’s Gorre & Daphetid RR. — the men like this better on hot summer nights. For a less serious variety of modeling on John’s layout turn to page 42. Incidentally, John has installed voltage-dropping diodes in his locos so the lights can be left on without the motors running.


FSM ad

Trackside Photo

1 of 2

2 of 2

“stitched-together” version

From the October 1967 Model Railroader, an FSM ad for the Signal Tower and a Trackside Photo:

The Gorre & Daphetid is definitely not an old-time railroad system, but the management has saved this historic holdover for fan trips, motion picture extravaganzas, and local celebrations. Here, 192 feet above Squawbottom Creek, the engine and three cars are nearing Eagle’s Nest, a stop featured in the August issue but just outside this current view. The real water in the creek isn’t always there, but it rained yesterday, we’re told. The deck span is a pin-connected Warren truss approached by deck girders. The log train in the lower distance is climbing a 4 percent grade around Sims Loop. Builder John Allen has been working on this California-located HO railroad since the early fifties. This view, seldom seen by visitors, will soon be blocked by a high rock cliff. Carefully planned room lighting made extra lights unnecessary for John’s photo.



From the November 1967 Model Railroader, a set of letters commenting on the August cover, including one complaint !!!


FSM Engine House Ad

From the December 1967 Model Railroader, an FSM ad.




Trackside Photo

From the Dec. 1957 MR, Shay #7 pulling log cars.


table of contents, cover description
article, 1 of 4
article, 2 of 4
article, 3 of 4 (color!!)
article, 4 of 4 (color!!)

“Latest Photos of the Gorre & Daphetid”, from the Jun. 1957 MR, including a cover shot:

FORGIVE, if you will, an editor’s tendency to pitch his paragraphs full of superlatives when writing about the Gorre & Daphetid RR. Any morning mail with a flat parcel postmarked Monterey, Calif., can mean only that John Allen and his camera have been collaborating again, and that inside are 8 x 10’s of a railroad. And when one such parcel includes a color shot of action on the G&D — why it’s better than getting a 5 lb. box of money marked “personal!” To see why I’m getting so worked up, turn to pages 36 to 39, where black and white and a full color shot are displayed for your enjoyment.

The cover? Another view of the G&D, of course, as a Shay pushes a log train upgrade — a chore that any self-respecting geared loco always does with a flourish.

And as long as you’ve got the magazine in hand, don’t overlook Lloyd Giebner’s modern grain elevator on page 24. Now there’s a building. - - — P.E.L.


Trackside Photos:
1 of 2
2 of 2

From the Oct. 1956 MR, three pictures of the “new” layout (G&D #3). B&W, but scanned at 600 DPI.


Trackside Photo

From the Sep. 1956 MR, an On3 scale combine built by John for Cliff Grandt.


Trackside Photo

From the Jun. 1955 MR, showing G&D #2 under construction, with comments on the benefits of good hand-laid track.



Letter to the Editor

Clinic - John Allen's Ballasting Method, from the Jan. 1955 MR

John Allen’s letter to the editor clarifying the above clinic, from the Apr. 1955 MR.


Trackside Photo

Photo of #34, from the Dec. 1954 MR.


Trackside Photo

Photo of #12 pushing a Jim Dechert gondola, from the Jun. 1954 MR



Description of the Slides

A PFM advertisement for the “now abandonded” G&D (referring to the 2nd G&D), from the Dec. 1953 MR. Keith, we have to find a set of these!!!

This description of the above slides is from the Mar. 1955 MR, the New Literature section.


Trackside Photo
1 of 2
2 of 2

A Panoramic photo of G&D #2 from the March 1953 MR.


Trackside Photo

Teaby Fire Ext. Co., from the Jan. 1952 issue of MR:

What appears to be a fire-gutted building is really only half a fire-gutted building placed against a mirror. Notice how the tanks and figures are duplicated. John Allen, Monterey, Calif., built this 3.5 mm. scale structure from pine and cardboard. Roof timbers are “charred” by running a clock gear over them, then staining a very dark brown. A tiny bulb, dyed red, glows like embers. Smoke is painted on the mirror.


Trackside Photo

Ruptured Duck, from the July 1951 issue of MR:

This rail car, on John Allen’s HOn3 Devil’s Gulch & Helengon RR., is known locally as the “Ruptured Duck.” Coach passengers ride in the center, while holders of first-class tickets are afforded the luxury of the awning. The guard is NOT hunting ducks — this is wild country and high-jacking and kidnaping are still not uncommon.


Page 1 of 5
Page 2 of 5
Page 3 of 5
Page 4 of 5
Page 5 of 5

An article from the March 1951 issue of MR. This was reprinted in a slightly different format in the 1952 Prize Model Railroads soft-cover book as “Gorre & Daphetid”.


Page 1 of 1

Trackside Photo - C.D. Grandt Under Construction from the Feb. 1951 issue of MR.


Page 1 of 1

A featurette from the Oct. 1950 issue of MR, showing the private inspection car of M. H. Vanderlip, president of the GD Lines.


Page 1 of 2
Page 2 of 2

“Narrow Gauge, Broad Beams”, a humorous article from April 1950 of MR that introduces Horace P. Vestibule and “Arch-bar” Pete Van Slurp.


Page 1 of 4
Page 2 of 4
Page 3 of 4
Page 4 of 4

Article “Mt. Alexander”, from the Dec. 1949 issue of MR. This is the same article later published in the 1952 Model Railroad Handbook in a slightly different format.


Letter and photo

From the Nov. 1949 issue of MR:

Narrow Gauge Gondola

To the Editor:

Here are some photographs of a narrow gauge car body I built from plans in the Model Railroader Cyclopedia. The car is a Denver & Rio Grande Western gondola. It was built to On3 standards and is the first of several that I am building for Cliff Grandt of Oakland.

The turnbuckles, pedestals, brake wheel, and brake cylinder were built by Cliff and sent to me. The rest of the car was made by me. The car was shipped back to Cliff for installation of the trucks and couplers. With the exception of wheels, axles, and couplers, no commercial parts were used. Each piece of wood is pre-formed and stained, thus giving a built-in "sway".

Cliff and I have an informal arrangement whereby he does machine work, such as gearing and making small spoked drivers, for me, and I build cars for him. This was my first attempt in a larger than 3.5 mm. scale.


140 Irving, Monterey, Calif.


HOn3 Standards Committee Blurb

From the July 1949 issue of MR.


Trackside Photo

From the May 1945 issue of MR, showing the contrast between standard and narrow gauge.


Page 1 of 2
Page 2 of 2

1948 Model Railroad Contest Winners, including John Allen’s engine house, from May 1948 Model Railroader.

So realistic is this HO engine house that it has the birds fooled. A dozen HO gauge pigeons have been roasting on the roof for days now. John Allen, 140 Irving St., Monterey, Calif., began the model last November, and spent many a wintry night tacking down the 4056 scale shingles on the roof. A newcomer to the hobby, John has set far himself a high standard of detail, as evidenced by the photo-story of his pike in the Jan. ‘48 MR. The broken windows and “old look” is in keeping with the ancient equipment on his Gorre & Daphetid Lines.


Page 1 of 1

A crash scene, from the article “Western Model Railroads” in the Oct. 1948 Model Railroader. Compare to “wreck2.jpg” on (under Planning and Construction).


Page 1 of 2
Page 2 of 2

Article How About a Lake? from the Dec. 1948 Model Railroader. This is the same article later published in the 1952 Model Railroad Handbook in a slightly different format as “Make a Lake”.


December 1945 Model Railroader cover


1st ever published photo? Caption:

Our cover shot this month frankly comes within the concepts of Hollywood staging. The HO scene was created by John Allen, Monterey. Calif., and he says, “It’s probably one of the few railroads which find it easier to move its right of way than to build up the adjacent areas.” Reason: The trackage involved is but 13 actual inches long!


How to Make Realistic Model Photos
            1 of 6
            2 of 6
            3 of 6
            4 of 6
            5 of 6
            6 of 6

John’s 1st article, from the July 1946 Model Railroader.


Trackside Photo, June 1956 Model Railroader

Snow Scene at Daphetid

This is “snowscene2.jpg” on the web site, but without the caboose lights on!!! Why was this winter scene published in June? The caption is as follows:

“How the heck would a snow scene look on the Gorre & Daphetid RR.?” wondered its brass hat, John Allen of Monterey, Calif. So he decided to find out. Here’s the result, which John achieved by using a flour sifter to shake a mantle of white dry texture paint over this location on his HO pike. But John soon sucked up the “snow” with a vacuum cleaner. After all, what else could he do — his birds were starting to fly south!


June 1976 Model Railroader

W. Watson “Watty” House Obituary
A good friend of John’s, for whom the “Watson House” hotel in Port (the building with the golden dome) was named.


Snap-Track Timesaver
            page 1 of 3
            page 2 of 3
            page 3 of 3

Article from the October 1976 Model Railroader, by G&D operator Russ Cain.


June 1949 HO Monthly

1949 PCR Fan Trip Report

Mentions John Allen, Larry Grabert, George Hook, and others.



Varney Little Joe Ad – Sept. 1946 MR
Baker Coupler Ad – Dec. 1946
Mantua Belle of the Eighties – July 1945 MR

Windsor Models Icing Platform – Jan. 1946 MR
Star-Line Model Oil Derrick – Jul 1946 MR

FSM JA Engine House #135
            Ad, Jul. 1975 RMC
Review, Dec. 1975 RMC
            1 of 3
            2 of 3
            3 of 3

FSM JA Special Announce – Mar. 1981 RMC
FSM JA Special Ad – Jul. 1981 RMC:
            (1 of 2) - description
            (2 of 2) – color photo
FSM JA Special Review – Feb. 1982 RMC
            1 of 5
            2 of 5
            3 of 5 (also has the 2nd run Ad)
            4 of 5
            5 of 5

West Coast Slides Ad – Jan. 1982 RMC

Model Die Casting G&D Advertisements
            1003, 1004, 1005 – Feb. 1982 RMC
            1007, 1008, 1009 – Apr. 1982 RMC

G&D-related Ads and Products

Miscellaneous early products used by
John Allen.

These look very similar to models that
John scratch built – perhaps inspiration?

The Fine Scale Miniatures John Allen
Tribute Set. This was sold out by time
the actual ad ran, but it is a beauty!!

There was a second issue of 100 kits
in 1982, hence the review and ad.

Keith’s Brother selling Set 1!!


Aging and Weathering Cars and Locomotives

1 of 5
2 of 5
3 of 5
4 of 5
5 of 5

January 1956 Model Railroader article.


Aging and Weathering Cars

1 of 4
2 of 4
3 of 4
4 of 4

December 1955 Model Railroader article.


Picture Parade – G&D #1 construction

From the April 1947 Model Railroader. This is the same as “interesting.jpg” at (minus the headlight beam and with some special cropping).


The lumber company receiving that loaded flat car is located on John Allen’s portable HO gauge layout, 140 Irving St., Monterey, Calif. That rear headlight beam emanating from the Dockside switcher was faked in photographically by John, an expert at such trickery. The incomplete foreground trackage is no fake, though, as any engineer rash enough to try running over it will learn upon hitting the ties.


Buck Pass RR – G&D Operators going strong

An article by group member Glenn Joesten from the October 1977 NMRA Bulletin.


Jerry Drake photo of Andrews

A “Pike Pix” from the July 1977 NMRA Bulletin:

Jim Findley (Pres. Hallmark Models) was builder of the Detritus Products Plant at Andrews on the late John Allen’s GORRE & DAPHETID. Those conveyor buckets were automated. In the background is Peterson Feed Mill with just half the structure modeled, being “glued” to the background. That battered gon, just behind the log flats looks familiar to the Editor. Photo by Jerry Drake


Jerry Drake photo of “Emma”

A “Pike Pix” from the March 1977 NMRA Bulletin:

Visitors to John Allen’s GORRE & DAPHETID were treated to many “mini-scenes” and old timers will recall this unusual bit of motive power, No 13. This monster “Bronto” was to be found trudging along Sowbelly Creek adjacent to the bridge taking the G-D mainline to Gorre. Jerry Drake Photo


Photo of Port

From the cover of the Jan. 1977 NMRA Bulletin:

High rise buildings at Port, Gorre & Daphetid RR, the famous pike of the late John Allen. The most concentrated industrial area on the RR. The passenger station with “Eagle” perched on tower is to right of Watson House hotel named for late Watty House, one of John’s long time friends.


Unpublished photo of Ryan Gulch

From the cover of the Dec. 1975 NMRA Bulletin:

An unpublished photo from the late John Allen. Light freight rolling over Ryan Gulch trestle towards Gorre. The small village just above the abandoned wood tunnel portal is Daphetid, end of the branchline on the G.D. Lines.


HO Scale Cutouts cover

The cover photo of the 1957 Penn Craft (later Carstens) book. There is only a credit to JA, but this is clearly from G&D #2 near Austin.


Diorama Shot Oct. 1946

Baker Coupler Ad 12/1946

Last Load of Logs 10/1954

A stand-alone picture near the back of the Oct. 1946 Model Railroader. Compare this to “watertank.jpg” on the site (page 3 of the Structures section):

A peaceful side track scene on John Allen’s H0 gauge pike at Monterey, Calif. The work train and crew will be picked up by an inbound evening way freight.

Also, a Baker Coupler Ad from the Dec. 1946 Model Railroader.

Next, a “Nabor’s Pike” photo of G&D #2 from the October 1954 Railroad Model Craftsman:

The last load of logs taken out over the Gorre & Daphetid line before the road’s abandonment. The G&D was seven years in construction and 75% completed. The name is being retained for a brand new G&D now being built by John Allen, noted west coast model builder.


#1 - #56 at the “cutoff”
#2 – Robinson Cliff from Giant Canyon
#3 – Andrews
#4 – Cold Shoulder
#5 – Memorial
#6 – Gorre & Daphetid
#7 – Great Divide

Batch #3 (the last) of pictures from Japanese magazine TMS (Tetsudo Mokei Shumi, meaning Hobby of Model Railroading).

#1, from May 1965, is very similar to the Sept. 1967 RMC cover (see, and although the trains are the same the figures have been moved and the picture is cropped differently.

#2, from Nov. 1968, is a view of Robinson Cliff from deep in Giant Canyon. The ore train is being led downgrade by one of the articulated’s, but which one cannot be determined from the photo.

#3 and #4 are assumed from the Feb. 1973 issue, based on the hand-notation on #3. The top picture in #3 is nearly identical to slide s0_077_fentonfindley_sep69.jpg, but notice that the water wheel is not blurred from motion (from the apparently real water) as in the slide. The bottom picture looks like slide s0_092_nightfenton_sep71.jpg.

#4 is a different angle of the same setup of slide s0_096_25bridge_feb72.jpg. Note that loco #25 and the cars are the same.

#5 and #6 are from March 1973, and appears to be announcing John’s passing. #6 has an early (’57 – ’58) shot of Gorre (notice that Scalp Mt. Is still under construction) and Teaby Fire Extinguisher Co. at Daphetid (a different angle of s0_051_teaby_mar66.jpg).

#7, from Sept. 1982, is an early (1965) shot of Great Divide, very similar to slide s0_038_tower_apr65.jpg. Note that although the trolley has moved and a loco has emerged from the cutoff tunnel, all the other cars in the yard and sidings appear to be identical to the slide, as does the state of the incomplete structures.


#1 - Cover photo, Cross Jct.
#2 – Intro and track plan
#3 – Gorre & Giant Canyon
#4 – Gorre
#5 – Great Divide & Squawbottom
#6 – Grandt Cliff & French Gulch
#7 – Squawbottom Creek
#8 – Port & Great Divide
#9 – Port & Great Divide
#10 – Squawbottom mine & Port

Batch #2 of pictures from Japanese magazine TMS (Tetsudo Mokei Shumi, meaning Hobby of Model Railroading), as best I can tell all from the issue of September 1974. I think these are in order, as some of them have page numbers. Note the cropping of some of the photos, apparently to remove lights and lighting valences from the view.


Trackside Photo – Robinson Cliff
PFM Ad (repeat of Chuck Kinzer’s)

Trackside Photo from the April 1958 Model Railroader (scanned at 600DPI due to its small size) and a full-page PFM ad (at 300 DPI) from the same issue. Caption:

Exhausts rattle off Robinson Cliff as a PFM Heisler boosts a log train upgrade and a PFM Santa Fe Consolidation drifts downgrade on the fabulous HO Gorre & Daphetid RR. of John Allen, Monterey, Calif. Train of ore cars is returning to Squawbottom Mine.


On the Gorre & Daphetid
How to Raise the Roof (1 of 2)
How to Raise the Roof (2 of 2)

“On the Gorre & Daphetid”, from the May 1954 Model Trains magazine (formerly HO Monthly). Please forgive the water stains. Caption:

Model railroads look more like the real thing when viewed from a low angle, for that’s the way you normally see a life-size train. This scratch-built ore train is on John Allen’s HO gauge Gorre & Daphetid RR. at Monterey, Calif. The farmyard, the telegraph lines, the photographic backdrop and John’s excellent photography all add to the realism.

Also, from the same issue, an article by John’s friend Bill McClanahan, “How to Raise the Roof”, wherein John’s shingling technique is described.


Page 1 of 3
Page 2 of 3
Page 3 of 3    added 12/23/2007

“Odd and Even” Impact detector car article form the October 1962 Model Railroader.


#1 – Ryan’s Gulch IMPROVED!!!12/23/2007
#2 – Gorre and Daphetid
#3 – Drains
#4 – Cutoff at Great Divide
#5 – Gorre at night
#6 – Squawbottom and Giant Canyon
#7 – Devil’s Post Pile & Cooper Electric
#8 – #25 on Squawbottom high bridge

Batch #1 of pictures from Japanese magazine TMS (Tetsudo Mokei Shumi, meaning Hobby of Model Railroading), which I recently won on Ebay (thanks to those of you who refrained from out-bidding me).

These have not been dated or sorted in any way yet, just numbered sequentially. More to come soon.


Letter to the Editor

June 1960 Model Railroader Letter to the Editor by JA, praising another modeler’s work:

Prize-winning Shay

To the Editor:

I’ve just been studying the photo of Ken Barnhart’s Shay on page 36, April MR, and with due consideration and humility, I believe this is the finest piece of modeling I have ever seen.

I’ve observed Ken’s loco a number of times at various construction stages and as a finished model at the NMRA convention, but it wasn’t until I could sit down quietly and study the MR photos (the large one is about twice actual size) that I could see how fantastically detailed and accurate to scale is this superb model.

I also know that it is mechanically equivalent to a fine watch.

Ken is a man who believes in fine scale wheels and flanges. These are built close to exact scale, along with the flangeways on his railroad. Obviously he can’t buy them anywhere, he builds them all.


9 Cielo Vista Ter., Monterey, Calif.


Trackside Photo – Shay (600 DPI)

September 1960 Model Railroader “Trackside Photos”:

A PFM two-truck Shay leads a log train over Cooper’s Creek, on the HO Gorre & Daphetid of John Allen, 9 Cielo Vista Terr., Monterey, Calif., and a track maintenance crew stops work on the concrete brick arch bridge to watch. The rugged Western terrain of the G&D requires many bridges and trestles.


Bull Session Blurb

Photo at 600 DPI

From the March 1964 Model Railroader “Bull Session” column, John Allen and Jack Work measuring prototype equipment.


Heisler Ad – full page 300 DPI

JA Photo only, 600 DPI

From the April 1964 Model Railroader, a PFM Heisler advertisement with a John Allen and a Paul Jansen photo.


Page 28 (1 of 5)

Page 29 (2 of 5)

Page 30 (3 of 5)

Page 31 (4 of 5)

Page 32 (5 of 5)

The 25th Anniversary of the GD Lines is celebrated in this January 1972 Railroad Model Craftsman article, published just one year before John Allen’s passing:

The original Gorre & Daphetid is still an integral part of the GD Line as John Allen’s HO railroad passes the quarter century mark.


Page 20 (1 of 6)

Page 21 (2 of 6)

Page 22 (3 of 6)

Page 23 (4 of 6)

Page 24 (5 of 6)

Page 25 (6 of 6)

Part 2 of “Fan Trip on the Gorre and Daphetid”, form the April 1971 Railroad Model Craftsman:

Last month’s report covered the Port to Akin segment of our trip on RMC No. 4. This series of photos shows the concluding portion of our journey to Andrews.


Cover color photo (600 DPI)

Page 28 (1 of 8)

Page 29 (2 of 8)

Page 30 (3 of 8)

Page 31 (4 of 8)

Page 32 (5 of 8)

Page 33 (6 of 8)

Page 34 (7 of 8)

Page 35 (8 of 8)


Part 1 of “Fan Trip on the Gorre and Daphetid”, form the March 1971 Railroad Model Craftsman. The cover photo caption:

John Allen’s Gorre & Daphetid, an HO scale empire in Monterey, Cal., has been featured a number of times in RAILROAD MODEL CRAFTSMAN and other hobby publications, leading many to assume that by now every spectacular square inch of it must have been reviewed. This is happily not the case, as the RMC crew learned during a recent tour of the line from Port to Andrews through the rugged Akinbak Mountains. In fact, our trip had to be terminated short of Cold Shoulder as track gangs are still working hard to push the line through that region. We’ll check back on their progress at a later date, but for now we hope you’ll join us as we review the photographic highlights (page 28) of the first portion of our fan trip on the local behind gas-electric 60 from Port to Akin. Ektachrome by John Allen.


Cover color photo

Page 50 (1 of 7)

Page 51 (2 of 7)

Page 52 (3 of 7)

Page 53 (4 of 7)

Page 54 (5 of 7)

Page 55 (6 of 7)

Page 56 (7 of 7)

Jim Findley’s article “Branchline Water Tank” from the Oct. 1965 Model Railroader. This tank is based on the one at Daphetid on G&D #1. It was also used in dioramas, and at Gorre on G&D #2, near the enginehouse. See:
- number8.jpg
- nicedetail.jpg
- watertank.jpg
- wreck.jpg
- handover.jpg
- earlycurve.jpg

Where was it used on G&D #3?


Cover (600 DPI)
Back Cover (600 DPI)
Gorre & Daphetid Remembered (scan)
Gorre & Daphetid Remembered (txt)
Carsides (S, HO, & TT scales, 600 DPI)
Carsides (O, N, & Z scales, 600 DPI)

Don Mitchell photos of Cold Shoulder, from the December 1980 NMRA Bulletin. The front and back cover are one continuous photo – note the mirror.

Also included is the text, associated with the G&D carsides, “Gorre & Daphetid Remembered”, by Don Mitchell (it is listed this way in the table of contents).


Panned shot of #56

Feb. 1971 RMC - Boomer Trail

One of the most difficult of all photographic techniques is that of the "panned" shot — especially if the subject being photographed is a small model. The above portrait of Gorre & Daphetid Pacific 56 at speed is a superb example of a properly executed pan shot. John Allen captured the speeding (75 scale mph.) 4-6-2 with a shutter speed of 1/25 second using a special camera/locomotive synchronizing mechanism which he designed for panning photographs on the G&D.


Sowbelly Cover Shot

From the June 1970 RMC cover. Caption:

A number of photos and articles about John Allen’s famed Gorre & Daphetid HO layout in Monterey, Cal., have appeared from time to time. Each time they do, letters come in from beginners in model railroading who have just “discovered” the G&D. asking that we print more information about this fabulous railroad. The photo on this month’s cover shows the logging lift at Sowbelly, with a Heisler geared locomotive getting ready to exchange a few empty log cars for loads as a Shay passes overhead. The small steam donkey and log lift gather up the logs cut upstream which have floated down Sowbelly Creek (the water is plastic). John Allen photo.


Photo of Port

From the Feb. 1970 RMC, “Boomer Trail” feature. Caption:

Few modelers would fail to recognize the view at the left as a part of John Allen’s famed Gorre & Daphetid HO scale railroad in Monterey, Cal. This photo was taken at Port on the G&D; the Cooper Electric trolley car is entering the subway under buildings from Railroad Avenue. The Watson House is named for a pioneer model rail, and Bulline Packers is jointly owned by the Alturas & Lone Pine management under Whit Towers and the G&D (note heralds for both roads on the stock car). Though few modelers have the time, space or ability to construct layouts like the two shown on these pages, careful study of the photos will indicate ways to improve a pike of any size or scale. Ektachrome by John Allen.


G&D Gondola on Whit Towers’ ALP

From Oct. 1980 NMRA Bulletin


1968 NMRA Convention Car on G&D

From July 1968 RMC


G&D boxcar on Bud Sima’s PURR

From Oct. 1968 RMC


Jim Findley’s Detritus Products plant at the NMRA convention

From Dec. 1968 RMC, this building was later installed at Andrews on the G&D.


The Hobby Loses Two Greats
Fire description

Obituaries of John Allen and Paul Larsen, and a description of the fire, from the March 1973 RMC


Letters to the Editor

Letters of dismay over John’s passing, from the Aug. 1973 RMC.


Notice of 2nd fire

From the May 1975 RMC


George Baustert's Grey Burro Line,  1 of 2

George Baustert's Grey Burro Line,  2 of 2

From Aug. 1963 RMC, and article by a Yahoo G&D Group member


Sunset on the Old G&D
Sunset page 1
Sunset page 2
Sunset page 3
Sunset page 4
Sunset page 5

October 1955 RMC Article on the 2nd G&D by Earl Cochrane.


Cover of Jan. 1964 RMC

Trolley and street scene on G&D #3, of the Cooper Electric Railway.


Letters to the editor about the Jan. 1964 JA Cover

from the May 1964 RMC


Varney Ads – complements of Chuck Kinzer
Aug. 1952      NEW!!!
Sept. 1952
Oct. 1952
Nov. 1952      NEW!!!
Dec. 1952
Jan. 1953
June 1953
Oct,. 1953     NEW!!!

Thanks, Chuck!!!! Some of these are better quality, but the three marked NEW are not on the site


Dec. 1965 RMC Cover

A home built gas-electric takes the curve at Sim’s Loop at Grandt Cliff on the spectacular Gorre & Daphetid Railroad of Master Modeler John Allen. Ektachrome by John Allen.


Dec. 1963 RMC Article “Let’s Operate a Train”
page 1
page 2
page 3



Aug. 1967 RMC Cover - REVERSED IMAGE!!!

Another thrilling view of John Allen’s tremendous Gorre & Daphetid Railroad, unquestionably one of the finest model railroads in the country. Modeling of this calibre can’t be hurried. 4 x 5 Ektachrome transparency by John Allen.

This picture is reversed, apparently so that the RMC logo fit better, without blocking Scalp Mt.

This can be confirmed by comparing to "The Book", pages 14 and 19, where the bridges in the background (at Robinson Cliff) can be seen.


Pacific Fast Mail Ads – complements of Chuck Kinzer
Aug. 1971 – Climax
June 1972 – Sierra # 38

Thanks, Chuck!!!! These are better quality than the ones on the site.


Magazine Articles and Scans


Date Uploaded

John Allen describing real water in Squawbottom Creek
The picture he was describing…

This is a wav file (audio)!!!


This is a picture.


John Allen introducing an NMRA clinic

This is a wav file (audio)!!!


Building a Baggage Truck, page 1
Building a Baggage Truck, page 2

from July 1947 MR


The NEW Gorre & Daphetid
Page 20
Page 21
Page 22
Page 23
Page 24

March 1956 MR article


Supporting Info for Keith Beard’s Photo Scans


Date Uploaded


Published version of one of Keith Beard’s photos, from HO Monthly, Jan. 1950


Bill McClanahan

John Allen’s friend and contemporary, from cover of his famous scenery book


Earl Cochran

John Allen’s friend and contemporary, from "Prize Model Railroads" (1952)


Fly a Kite

from Nov. 1954 RMC


Golden Spike, much later

from HO Monthly, May 1953


Inspection Car

"Featurette" from Oct. 1950 MR


Old Sarge...Published

from RMC, March 1948


On3 Combine built for Cliff Grandt

from Jan. 1956 MR article "Aging and Weathering Cars and Locomotives" (part 2)


On3 Combine built for Cliff Grandt with Cliff's Loco

from Sept. 1956 MR (Trackside Photos)


Sgt. Ennis (#8), another angle

from HO Monthly, May 1953


Train Wreck

published in Model Railroader, October 1948