Fiction Book List
Last Update: 4/13/2003
Total Volumes: 162
Author Title Category Notes
Adams, Douglas Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy, The SF  
Adams, Douglas Restaurant At the End of the Universe, The SF  
Adams, Roberts Alternate Worlds SF  
Aldiss, Robert Starswarm SF  
Aldrich, Gary Speak No Evil thriller autographed
Anderson, Poul Saturn Game, The SF  
Anderson, Poul High Crusade, The SF  
Anderson, Poul Harvest the Fire SF  
Anderson, Poul Starfarers SF  
Anderson, Poul All One Universe SF  
Asimov, Isaac Pebble in the Sky SF  
Asimov, Isaac Second Foundation SF  
Asimov, Isaac Ugly Little Boy, The SF  
Asimov, Isaac Gods Themselves, The SF  
Asimov, Isaac Positronic Man, The SF  
Baxter, Stephen Moonseed SF  
Baxter, Stephen Manifold Space SF  
Baxter, Stephen Manifold Time SF  
Baxter, Stephen Manifold Universe SF  
Bear, Greg Eon & Eternity SF  
Bear, Greg Legacy SF  
Bear, Greg Slant SF  
Bear, Greg Moving Mars SF  
Bear, Greg Vitals SF  
Bear, Greg Darwin's Radio SF  
Benford, Gregory Artifact SF  
Benford, Gregory Eater SF  
Benford, Gregory Martian Race, The SF  
Beninni, Stefano Terra! SF  
Biggle, Lloyd Jr. Monument SF  
Bond, Larry Vortex military  
Brin, David Earthclan SF  
Brin, David Brightness Reef SF  
Brin, David Heaven's Reach SF  
Brin, David Infinity's Shore SF  
Brin, David Postman, The SF  
Brin, David Kiln People SF  
Bradbury, Ray 3 to the Highest Power SF  
Bradbury, Ray Something Wicked This Way Comes SF  
Cherryh, C.J. Trippoint SF  
Clancy, Tom Hunt for Red October, The military  
Clancy, Tom Cardinal of the Kremlin, The military  
Clancy, Tom Clear and Present Danger, A military  
Clancy, Tom Debt of Honor military  
Clancy, Tom Sum of All Fears, The military  
Clancy, Tom SSN military  
Clancy, Tom Without Remorse military  
Clancy, Tom military  
Clancy, Tom Executive Orders military  
Clarke, Arthur C. 2001 A Space Odyssey SF  
Clarke, Arthur C. 2010: Odyssey Two SF  
Clarke, Arthur C. 2061: Odyssey Three SF  
Clarke, Arthur C. Cradle SF  
Clarke, Arthur C. Trigger, The SF  
Clarke, Arthur C. Collected Stories of Arthur C. Clarke, The SF  
Clarke, Arthur C. Rendezvous With Rama SF  
Clarke, Arthur C. Tales of Ten Worlds SF  
Clarke, Arthur C. Fall of Moondust, A SF  
Clavell, James King Rat military  
Cook, Paul Engines of Dawn SF  
Crichton, Michael Congo SF  
Crichton, Michael Timeline SF  
Daniel, Tony Earthling SF  
Dozois, Gardner Year's Best Science Fiction, Tenth Annual Collection, The SF  
Dozois, Gardner Year's Best Science Fiction, Eleventh Annual Collection, The SF  
Dozois, Gardner Year's Best Science Fiction, Fourteenth Annual Collection, The SF  
Dozois, Gardner Year's Best Science Fiction, Fifteenth Annual Collection, The SF  
Farmer, Philip Jose Flesh Lord Tyger SF  
Faust, Joe Clifford Debt of Honor, A SF  
Forsyth, Frederick Fourth Protocol, The thriller  
Foster, Alan Dean Nor Crystal Tears SF  
Gardner, James Alan Hunted SF  
Gardner, James Alan Expendable SF  
Gardner, James Alan Ascending SF  
Gibson, William Neuromancer SF  
Goldman, William Marathon Man, The thriller  
Goldman, William Brothers thriller  
Haldeman, Joe Coming, The SF  
Haldeman, Joe Forever War, The SF  
Haldeman, Joe Forever Free SF  
Hamilton, Peter F. Reality Disfunction: Emergence & Expansion, The SF  
Hamilton, Peter F. Naked God, The SF  
Hamilton, Peter F. Neutronium Alchemist: Consolidation & Conflict, The SF  
Hartwell, David G. Ascent of Wonder, The (hard SF collection) SF  
Hartwell, David G. The Year's Best SF SF  
Hartwell, David G. The Year's Best SF 2 SF  
Hartwell, David G. The Year's Best SF 3 SF  
Heinlein, Robert A. Stranger in a Strange Land (uncut version) SF  
Heinlein, Robert A. Methusela's Children SF  
Heinlein, Robert A. Farnham's Freehold SF  
Heinlein, Robert A. Friday SF  
Heinlein, Robert A. Have Space Suit, Will Travel SF great for kids!!!
Heinlein, Robert A. Past Through Tomorrow, The SF  
Heinlein, Robert A. Tunnel in the Sky SF  
Heinlein, Robert A. Number of the Beast, The SF  
Heinlein, Robert A. Moon is a Harsh Mistress, The SF  
Herbert, Frank Dune SF  
Herbert, Frank White Plague, The SF  
Herbert, Frank Jesus Incident, The SF  
Higgins, Jack White House Connection, The thriller  
Hillerman, Tony Dark Wind, The thriller  
Kihn, Greg Horrow Show thriller  
King, Stephen Danse Macabre horror  
King, Stephen Dreamcatcher SF  
Koontz, Dean Watchers horror  
Koontz, Dean Winter Moon horror  
Koontz, Dean Funhouse, The horror  
Koontz, Dean Eyes of Darkness, The horror  
Koontz, Dean Dragon Tears horror  
Ludlum, Robert Icarus Agenda, The thriller  
Ludlum, Robert Osterman Weekend, The thriller  
Ludlum, Robert Matarese Circle, The thriller  
Ludlum, Robert Bourne Identity, The thriller  
Ludlum, Robert Bourne Ultimatum, The thriller  
Landis, Geoffrey A. Mars Croissing SF  
Malzberg, Barry N. Phase IV SF  
McDevitt, Jack Deepsix SF  
McDevitt, Jack Standard Candles SF  
McDevitt, Jack Eternity Road SF  
McDevitt, Jack Ancient Shores SF  
McDevitt, Jack Moonfall SF  
McDevitt, Jack Infinity Beach SF  
McDevitt, Jack chindi SF  
McHugh, Maureen F. Mission Child SF  
Niven, Larry Ringworld SF  
Niven, Larry Gripping Hand, The SF  
Niven, Larry Saturn's Race SF  
Niven, Larry Mote in God's Eye, The SF  
Niven, Larry Rainbow Mars SF  
Niven, Larry Flatlander SF  
Pohl, Frederik Escheton Sequence, The SF  
Pohl, Frederik Gateway SF  
Pohl, Frederik Man Plus SF  
Reed, Robert Marrow SF  
Reynolds, Alastair Revelation Space SF  
Robinson, Spider Stardance SF  
Roessner, Michaela Vanishing Point SF  
Runyon, Charles W. Pig World SF  
Sawyer, Robert J. Frameshift SF  
Sawyer, Robert J. Starplex SF  
Sawyer, Robert J. Illegal Alien SF  
Sheffield, Charles Spheres of Heaven, The SF  
Sheffield, Charles Convergence SF  
Sheffield, Charles Tomorrow and Tomorrow SF  
Sheffield, Charles Heritage Universe, The SF  
Silverberg, Robert New Dimensions #5 SF  
Silverberg, Robert Alien Years, The SF  
Silverberg, Robert World Inside, The SF  
Simmons, Dan Hyperion SF  
Simmons, Dan Fall of Hyperion, The SF  
Simmons, Dan Rise of Endymion, The SF  
Simmons, Dan Children of the Night horror  
Stith, John E. Reckoning Infinity SF  
Varley, John Press Enter SF  
Wilson, Robert Charles Bios SF  
Wilson, Robert Charles Darwinia SF  
Wilson, Robert Charles Mysterium SF  
Wilson, Robert Charles Chronoliths, The SF  
Willis, Connie New Hugo Winners Volume III, The SF  
Wolfe, Gene Litany of the Long Sun SF  
Wolfe, Gene Epiphany of the Long Sun SF  
Zelazny, Roger Doorways in the Sand SF