• Line6 POD 2.0 Amplifier Emulator
    The cool little box has some awesome amp emulations and effects; it makes a great front-end for the………...

  • 198? Ampeg V-5 (open back 2 x 12, 6550 output tubes, 12AX7 drivers, with Tom Scholz Power-Soak)
    This was my main gigging amp in the later days (easy to carry but KICKS ASS!!!). Mildly hot-rodded high-gain channel.

  • 1970 Ampeg V4 (single 4 x 12 sealed cabinet, 7127 output tubes, with Tom Scholz Power-Soak)
    This was my main amp, but was WAY TO HEAVY to carry around. It is one of the older ones with metal knobs and
    NO DISTORTION or PRE-VOLUME controls!!! This thing is a monster - clean but brutal, punches and roars.

  • 196? Montgomery Wards Airline (1 x 12 open back)
    A Fender Deluxe clone without the reverb. Re-tubed and with a new speaker, kicks. With one channel wired as a preamp for the other, it
    SHREDS!!! Still too noisy, it will get tweaked and re-capped sometime soon in an attempt to tame it.

  • 198? Marshall JCM-800 (2 x 12 open back, with Tom Scholz Power-Soak)
    Bought from an ex-bandmate when he was having financial difficulties. Promised to let him buy it back (RIGHT!). A nice amp, but I always though Marshalls were somewhat over-rated; however, the Les Paul loves this amp and it really shines with those humbuckers driving it hard.

  • 197? Acoustic B220 head
    A classic, sounds great
    IF you don't push it. I use two old Cerwin Vega V-30 cabs (one missing a horn) with it, and its OK!!! It has a nice gutteral growl when the P-bass pushes it to the edge of distortion.


  • Ludwig 5-piece kit
    with hat, ride, and crash. No more drum sets dragged through the house.

  • PA system
    Includes a Behringer 2642A console (4-buss, 8 mon channels, 4 stereo channels, 1 prefader send, 2 post-fader sends, one switchable send), ART Quadra-FX, old Effectron digital delay,a Traynor 300 watt RMS/channel stereo amp, Cerwin Vega V30 cabs, and a variety of mics (including several Shure SM-57s).

  • PC MIDI setup
    Includes an old 486 DX2 66 PC (thanks, Mark!!) Cakewalk Pro (DOS) and Turtle Beach Maui Wavetable Synth and an Alesis D-4 drum sound module.

I have played guitar since the age of 13 (I think). Over the years, I have played in many bands and had a lot of fun. Children ended the fun (just kidding…..). However, me and some buds still take the old axes out for a drive now and again, and sometimes it don't suck too bad!!!


  • 1975 Fender Stratocaster Hardtail, maple neck, Olympic White (now Armpit Yellow)
    SN 656882
    My mom bought me this in January 1976 (I was 16!!) for $275. It replaced my Fender Mustang (which I sold for $125). Other than the volume pot and some hardware that dissolved from my sweat, and a recent re-fret job, it is all original!! Notice where the paint has been worn through with use (this is very smooth, not chipped). After the re-fret and setup, this baby plays better than it did in 1976!! Since the neck had to be sanded (the finish removed), it now collects all that cool looking crud between the frets that you see on so many old axes…..groovy!!!

  • 1978 Gibson Les Paul Deluxe, black with white binding, with "mini-humbuckers",
    SN 72898546

    I just got this (03-08-03) after having Les Paul lust for several years now. It is all original except for the jack. It has been played, has some buckle-rash and chips around the edges, but that just adds to the charm of this screamer. It plays like butter and sounds like you expect a Les Paul to; however, the bridge pickup is very bright compared to other Pauls. The clarity and definition of chords, even under massive overdrive, is incredible - you can hear each note clearly in the midst of the onslaught!!! Ahhhh…...

  • 1977 Fender Stratocaster Hardtail, maple neck, Chocolate Translucent
    SN S788162

    I bought this in 1986 as a backup gigging guitar for $400. I plays well, but sounds a little different than the '75 (still better than most of the crap today). The pickguard is not original (it had a brass one when I bought it?!?!), but as far as I know everything else is.

  • 1978 Fender Precision Bass, maple neck, Olympic White (refinish, was translucent red)
    SN S880136

    Bought this from my friend Brian a few years ago...always wanted one….the ONLY bass I'll ever need!!! (sorry, Curt)

  • 200? Gibson Les Paul Special, Cinnamon, P100 Humbuckers
    SN 00002471
    Bought this from "Musicians Friend" in fall 2003 after reading good reviews. It plays pretty well, the pickups sound OK but it may need some replacements to kick it up. They are not as "raw" as P90s, but they are much quieter. Jeff Jr. has gravitated to this for his metal worship, rather than using his….

  • 200? Fender Competition Mustang Re-issue, Red with white stripe, made in Japan
    SN P073856
    This is one sweet little guitar. The fit and finish is beautiful, and it plays and sounds better than I remember my original Mustang ever did. The only problem was the whammy bar….it was impossible to keep in tune. Thus, I "hard-wired" the tailpiece and bridge and now it is pretty solid.

  • 2002 "Applause" by Ovation acoustic-electric.
    Plays OK, sounds OK, so I guess it's OK - has a plastic rounded back like the expensive Ovations… sounds better mic'ed than the built-in pickup does. Fun for bashing out old Beatles tunes and building up your fingers (strength and calluses).