A weathered and re-numbered vintage MDC  G&D ore car (September 2003). Note the "battering" done with a soldering iron. As with all my rebuilds, it includes Kadee wheel sets (with the treads polished) and Kadee couplers.

G&D Ore Car #406

A Tribute to the late
John Allen,
The Master of Model
Railroading, and his
Gorre & Daphetid RR
at this link:

Link to my G&D site - some old pictures and articles scanned and posted here

(Sorry for the state of some of these shots - some day will I re-shoot the bad ones.)

Here is my roster of G&D cars, currently all MDC kits that have been reworked with Kadee wheelsets and couplers, scale grab-irons and brake wheels, renumbered (when I have more than one), and weathered. These kits are all out of production, but thanks to E-Bay can still be found.

Here are some shots from my unfinished (probably never will be finished) 5 x 9 layout

These are LaBelle wooden craftsman kits - fun to build and look great (nothing looks more like wood than WOOD!!

Some shots of the "finished" module (under construction below).more/better shots to come!!!

Module early shot

My current project is this shelf module which will be used for displaying equipment (it fits on my built-in furniture shelves). It includes a scratch-built wooden truss bridge, a cast-in-place concrete arch bridge, rock castings from homemade rubber molds, and hand-layed code 83 track on Campbell profile ties. It is built on a base of 1/4" plywood, then built up with foam insulation (the pink/blue kind) with cork roadbed. The water is acrylic gloss medium over a Durham's water putty base.

My custom-lettered "Piker", lettered using dry transfers for the Gorre & Daphetid (May 2003).

A weathered Bev-Bel PRR Hopper (September 2004). This was a gift to my Dad, who is a PRR fan. It received the usual pastel chalk  weathering and Kadee wheelsets and couplers, along with a coal load.