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This guitar was a 1975 Ibanez "lawsuit" Les Paul; it sounded good but did not stay in tune...

High Tide (1976-1977)

Jeff Witt (guitar/vocals),
Jack McNally (guitar/bass/vocals), Fred Wesley (drums/vocals/alcoholism),
Bob Zerbe (bass/keyboards/vocals)

Played talent shows, dances, parties, weddings, and a couple of bars.

Proof that the Strat was once actualy WHITE!!

Helberlyn Mark II (1978 for several months)

Jeff Witt (guitar/vocals),
Dave Alford (guitar/vocals),
Fred Wesley (drums),
Bob Zerbe (guitar/keyboards/vocals)

Played a dance, for which a tape (and now CD) exists to prove it…..

Listed chronologically, most recent to oldest...

Jeff Witt (guitar), Bob Zerbe (bass/vocals),
George Harvilla (drums), Don ??? (guitar/vocals)

Played talent shows, dances, parties.


Yearbook Pictures (1977)

Jerry's Kids (1981-1982)

Jeff Witt (guitar/vocals),
Jerry Driscoll (guitar/vocals),
Steve Hyson (drums/vocals),
Brian Bierly (bass/vocals)

Played bars, dances.

(picture from the 05-07-82 "Intelligencer", click to read the article)----->

Nice PERM, Jerry!!!
Guaranteed Offensive!!!!

Toke (1975-1976)

Jeff Witt (guitar/vocals), Bob Zerbe (bass/vocals), Dave Dixon (drums),
Jack McNally (guitar/vocals),
Phil Williams (keyboards/vocals)

Played talent shows, dances, parties, weddings.

The name (so the story went) came from the phonetic combination of the first letter of 3 band members' previous band names - Tri-pack, Oasis, and Kuadde, hence Toke (with the "e" to make a long "o" like in Oasis).

Dig the matching "monkey suits", hand made by Dave's Mom for weddings!!

Biohazard (1982-1983)

Jeff Witt (guitar/vocals),
Steve Hyson (drums/vocals),
Brian Bierly (bass/vocals)

Played bars, dances.

Gig poster and
Set List

Stolen Goods (1979-1981)

Jeff Witt (guitar/vocals),
Jack McNally (bass/vocals),
Dave Peterson (drums/vocals),
Johnny Eopolo (keyboards/vocals),
Janet Hawke (vocals and cleavage)

Played bars, bars, weddings, some parties.

See set list at right….

The Lovely Janet....
Set List

Sad News……………..

Dave Alford passed away March 11, 2005. I made contact with him again in late 2004 after he found this page while "Googling" himself. We exchanged e-mails and CDs. I have no idea why he died, but it is truly sad.

Helberlyn MkII Pictures

and Music Page!!!

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- Medley (Refugee/Somebody to Love/Rock & Roll)


- You're Gonna Get What's Coming

Last Practice:

- Warmup Jam

- Wonton Song

NEW!!! Songs "Live at the Hobo Club"

- Gimme Three Steps (Skynyrd)

- The Boys are Back in Town (Thin Lizzy)

- Do You Feel Like We Do? (Frampton)